BeatrixNY backpack
 1. Seventh Generation Wipes for dirty airplane seats and hotels.


2. BeatrixNY backpacks. Small enough for kids to carry themselves.


3. Ziploc bags. (for food, wet clothes, collecting shells)


4. California Baby organic shampoo and body wash


5.  WD-40 for a squeaky hotel door helps you avoid unnecessary wake ups.


6. Melissa and Doug mini sketch pad (fits well and perforated!) and Crayola crayons.


7. Black garbage bags and blue painters tape to blackout any window.


8. A Marpac LifeSounds sound machine is super durable.  The “Brook” sound is best.


9. Lovey/blankie (We love the feel of Angel Dear.)


10. BPA Free straw cups. We are partial to the small ones from Sigg.

Happy travels and please add your favorite products in the comments below.