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"Samantha Ettus brought down the house. We were so thrilled with her content and delivery. She captivated our attendees with substance and energy!" — Jess Rivkin Black
Program Director, Pennsylvania Conference for Women

What to Know About Turning 40

At every age, I have been a bit proud of the year under my belt. But this one is different. My 40th birthday arrives this week and I have become a wreck. I want a party. I don’t want a party. I am sad. I am hysterical. I have everything I have always wanted. I just […]


A Personal Story, Told Twice

by Samantha Ettus How are you telling your stories? If you told me yours, I could take it and retell it to you – in the positive and the negative. Here is a story of mine. I will tell it to you twice. “I spent my childhood as a nationally ranked junior tennis player which […]


XOXO, Cheers and Best: 6 Steps to Signing Off

by Samantha Ettus Tennis players have the serve. Basketball players have the foul shot. In business we have the email signature, our chance to score a point without interference from others. Unlike a conversation or an email response, we control our signature regardless of who is on the other side of the court, so let’s […]


Living in the Sunshine State: Four Steps to Positivity

by Samantha Ettus I had a friend who, when asked at a party what she did for a living, would consistently respond, “You don’t want to know. It’s really boring.” The polite person would invariably feel obligated to press on, prompting my friend to answer, “I work in accounting. And I hate it.” In less […]


You Earned It, Now Own It: Self-Promotion for Women

by Samantha Ettus As women we are taught not to brag and to downplay our successes, while men are encouraged in the opposite direction. Yet every day we are thrown onto a playing field with men – in negotiations, in the office, and in our own living rooms – and the huge disparity in perceived […]