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"Samantha Ettus brought down the house. We were so thrilled with her content and delivery. She captivated our attendees with substance and energy!" — Jess Rivkin Black
Program Director, Pennsylvania Conference for Women

How to Raise an Outdoorsy Girl

I grew up in New York City on the 26th floor of an apartment building, so it probably isn’t too surprising that I am happiest indoors. But I don’t wish this for my daughters. I don’t want them to inherit my bug phobias, my outdoor anxiety and my fear of going a day without a […]


Overheard at Disneyland

It is said that the way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. If that is the case, a generation of children will be talking to themselves in angry, loveless tones.

Here is an exercise for you. The next time you are at Disneyland/The Zoo/local aquarium/insert kid focused place here, sit on a bench for 10 minutes and just listen. Listen to the sea of parents as they interact with their children. What you hear won’t be pretty.

All around I see the same messages.

“Don’t worry – your 5pm glass of wine is just around the corner.” The message: Motherhood is about survival.

“Just wing it. We don’t know what we’re doing either.”


Starting School: Easing the Separation Anxiety


The 8 Essential Gifts to Give Your Child

An increasing number of studies show that intensive parenting is bad for mothers and bad for children, yielding a generation of kids who lack the wings to fly. Why then do American families still have June Cleaver on a pedestal? Let’s put an end to face time parenting and instead focus on how to be the best parent possible when we are with our children. Regardless of your constraints – financial, time, or logistical – here are 8 gifts to give your children now:

1. The Gift of Empathy

We all want our children to grow up with the ability to have close relationships and empathy is at the cornerstone. With that in mind, let’s not be the parent who addresses their crying child with exasperation and says, “You’re fine!” Instead, think back to the last time you felt sad or angry and shared your feelings.


Road Trip from Hell


7 Tricks to Transform Your Picky Eater

Do you have a picky eater and spend hours agonizing about how to steer her away from the chicken nuggets and pasta diet? At my wit’s end with one of my own, I asked Cooking Channel host and The Next Food Network Star winner Melissa d’Arabian for some help.

Here, in her own words, are Melissa’s favorite tricks:

1. Let your kids pick the produce

I turn grocery shopping into a bit of an outing and the kids all know that they are in charge of picking produce. I hand them the plastic bag and say “Ok, Margaux, you are in charge of picking the best two fennel bulbs you can find!” Amazingly, the kids never tire of “being in charge of picking.” Now, you might expect me to tell you that Margaux…


One Pitch at a Time: Gold Medalist Jennie Finch’s Life as a Working Mom

Olympic gold medalist Jennie Finch is a former pro softball player, a Hershey’s Good Life Guru and a married mom of two sons, Ace and Diesel, with a baby girl on the way. I chatted with Jennie about her life as a working mom; marriage, travel, fitness and those sleepless nights.

When you first became a mom, you took your newborn son on an 18 day Beijing tour with you. How did it work?

JF: My husband (Former Major League Baseball player Casey Daigle) played baseball and I played softball. Baseball is more hectic so my son came with me. He had a passport and went to China and Japan. It worked out so great because he ended up getting 14 of my teammates as aunts to him. It wasn’t all easy, though.


Celebrating a Birthday Sparks a New Tradition

When my friend Katie Rosman made each of her kids a photo book for Hannukah, I loved the idea. And when I heard that she had compiled her son Ari’s funny text messages, I was inspired. She had created something personal that her children can keep forever.

With this in mind, I decided to start a tradition right here, right now – to write a poem for my children’s birthdays, starting with my oldest, Ella, who is 7 today. I want her to look back and see who she was at age seven and then every year after.


Working Moms: How to Find a 25th Hour in Your Day

More than 20 years ago, American Airlines saved $40,000 by removing just one olive from each salad tray in First class. This fun fact translates to your life where the smallest lifestyle changes can yield the most dramatic gains. Here are 10 ways to steal more time from your own life:

1. Organize Masterfully

Triathletes win and lose races in the transitions. Make sure your “supplies’ are in the right places. Every member of your family needs her own equivalent of the cubby and her backpack, lunchbox, homework, and shoes all needs to live there.

2. Outsource – to Your Kids

Figure out the age appropriate activities that your


6 Ways to Get Kids to Treat Election Day Like Christmas

Between parenting and working, you probably feel lucky if you can even squeeze in time to vote. Yet Election Day is just the kind of moment we look for as working moms — a terrific opportunity to share a giant civics lesson with our kids while spending time together and getting something done. Here’s how:

1. Start Talking

If your kid is old enough to understand the idea of racing her brother down the block, she can understand an election. Explain it to her in age appropriate terms.

2. Make a Festive Meal

Try the celebratory red white and blue breakfast – blueberry pancakes with strawberries and whip cream.