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"Samantha Ettus brought down the house. We were so thrilled with her content and delivery. She captivated our attendees with substance and energy!" — Jess Rivkin Black
Program Director, Pennsylvania Conference for Women

The Real Work Life Imbalance

I am sure that PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi has some fantastic lessons on leadership that we could all benefit from. She could teach us about managing boards and shareholders and telling a story through the press. But when it comes to parenting, I suspect Nooyi could learn a lot from other people who organized their time and their life commitments differently.

Nooyi may be a fantastic mom, but when we’re asking her, Anne-Marie Slaughter and other world-class, high-achieving executives how the whole parenting thing is going, is it a surprise that we aren’t getting anywhere?

It’s time to shift the work/life dialogue in four steps…


19 Ways to Be More Effective Today

We tend to get overwhelmed by change because when we think of making changes we think big. Moving, marrying, divorcing, becoming a parent, career transitioning. But often the most effective change comes in smaller forms. It is seemingly minor lifestyle changes that can lead to improved outlook, focus and success.

Embrace three of these 19 ways to make improvements today and watch as subtle change rolls in and makes a not-so-subtle impact:

Stay Away From TGIFers
Anyone with a negative attitude will bring you down. Don’t be one and don’t hang with one.


25 Working Moms To Follow On Twitter 2013

These 25 women have been selected for our list because they have reached the top of their fields and they share their experience and their lives in raw form through multiple daily tweets. They are prolific, personal and inspiring – all have children and demanding careers.

Today, most moms are working moms and more than 40% of moms are the primary breadwinners in their families – a number that has quadrupled since 1960. The media has not yet caught up with this reality.

If you type the term “working mom” into Google images you will see photo after photo of women balancing briefcases and babies at the same time. Yet rather than juggle…


Seven Ways To Speak Up Smartly At The Office

We know that advocating for yourself at the office is essential, but how you do it determines your success. I recently had lunch with a C level executive at a public company. She had been promoted to COO and her new role included overseeing a number of additional departments. I listened as she described her […]


9 Mistakes for Working Moms to Avoid at the Office

As working moms, we have some unavoidable time constraints which can lead to extreme performance pressure. How we behave at the office can make a world of difference to our success:

1. Limit the Family Photos

Having more than two photos on your desk makes people think that you would rather be somewhere else. (Double standard alert – for men, family photos have the opposite effect.)


5 Fixes for Your Unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions

Chances are you have never accomplished your New Year’s resolutions. By June, 54% of people have abandoned theirs and by the end of year, just forget about it. So instead of pie-in-the-sky resolutions that require unrealistic leaps, focus on small lifestyle changes with achievable and permanent results.

Here are the top five New Year’s Resolutions and how to replace them:

1. Lose Weight

The number one New Year’s resolution is losing weight yet 95% of dieters regain the weight they lose. So why torture yourself? As a would-be dieter, if you make small lifestyle changes instead of dramatic deprivations, you will achieve greater success.


21 Ways to Win at Public Speaking

by Samantha Ettus Public speaking is an essential skill — not just for CEOs and Oscar winners — but for each and every one of us. Whether you are asked to give a toast at a wedding, say a few words at a birthday dinner, nail a sales presentation, or speak to the student body, […]


Marissa Mayer is Six Months Pregnant: Hooray for Yahoo!

When Marissa Mayer was announced as the new Yahoo! CEO yesterday, there was a collective wow. A 37 year old woman!  An engineer! Another role model – in Silicon Valley, a place in dire need of more women in top positions. And then a little part of me got greedy and thought, can you imagine if she were a mom too? […]


Does the Wage Gap Start in Kindergarten?

by Samantha Ettus Last week was the end of year Parent’s Day at pre-school. The teachers playfully interviewed each four year old with a few questions including: “What does your Mommy do while you are at school?” and “What does your Daddy do while you are at school?” I had a work event so my husband attended […]


Ann Romney Has Never Worked – For a Paycheck

by Samantha Ettus Hilary Rosen should be apologizing for what she didn’t say – not for what she did. I once met Mitt Romney at a fundraiser I was invited to by a friend of mine who has always been involved in his campaigns. I had attended many political events but this one was unlike […]