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"Samantha Ettus brought down the house. We were so thrilled with her content and delivery. She captivated our attendees with substance and energy!" — Jess Rivkin Black
Program Director, Pennsylvania Conference for Women

8 Ways to Add Spark (and Sex!) to Your Marriage After Kids

February is the month for romance and the ideal excuse to turn the spotlight on your marriage. Once you implement these 8 steps, your intimacy will be the envy of the playground!

1. Synchronize Your Schedules

Sure it’s tempting to send email late into the night while he falls asleep in front of the TV, but if this sounds familiar, you need to change this pattern. If you crawl into bed at the same time as your spouse each night, sex is an option. If you don’t, it is completely off the table. Your goal is warm bodies cuddling every night.

2. Make Your Husband Your Gay Best Friend

In the best marriages, spouses are best friends.


Working Moms Inspiration from Oprah’s O You!


Have More Sex


Date Night


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