Sam has given her signature lifestyle makeovers to thousands of women across the country. From women’s conferences to Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour, Sam travels the country to offer her candid and life changing advice.

Here are Sam’s coaching rates and packages:


Sam offers one day lifestyle makeovers to individuals. These are not weekly coaching or therapy sessions; they are one day of groundbreaking change. Sam works with CEOs, celebrities, experts, Olympic athletes and entrepreneurs to redesign their lives for greater success and fulfillment. Her three hour lifestyle makeover sessions are designed to offer life changing solutions via a customized lifestyle redesign.

3 Hour One Day Session: $3,500

5 Hour Two person “Friend” Session $5,500




Sam works with corporations in two ways:

  1. Corporations have Sam on a monthly retainer to offer work life balance tools, advice, and sessions to their employees.
  2. Corporations bring Sam in for an interactive workshop to rejuvenate their teams and motivate them to live the most fulfilling lives they can. This leads to greater personal and professional fulfillment and motivation. Sam offers her tricks and tools to help employees break through the myriad of logistical, personal and professional barriers preventing them from leading their optimal lives at work and at home.


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