12 Dec 9 Ways You Should Be Using Twitter

Every day I meet people who ask me why they should be active on Twitter and every day I see Twitter friends try to hide their frustration over those that don’t understand their attachment. Here are 9 great ways to use Twitter:

1.    To Create a New World

Imagine following only the people who interest you; a world not made up of all of the people you have ever met – like you have on Facebook – but instead a community of people that you have handpicked and would like to know.

2.    To Do Research

Twitter’s search engine is a portal for up-to-the-second information on your industry and your interests. There is no better tool for getting data on what people are thinking and saying.

3.    To Broaden Your Network

You will meet new people and forge real relationships without leaving your home. As entrepreneur Melissa Stewart puts it, “The more I tweet, the more I learn, the more connections I make, and the more opportunities come my way.”

4.    To Keep an Eye on the Competition

You can check out your competitors without sneaking. BakeSpace Founder Babette Pepaj uses Twitter to understand how competitive companies, “position their message and interact with customers.”

5.    To Get Corporate Attention

Recently I had a bad experience with Capital One rewards. I tweeted once and they made it more than right by responding immediately with a phone call and a generous solution. When I fell in love with online toy store Magic Beans, I tweeted the owner to thank her for the great selection and free gift wrapping.

6.    To Find Curated Content

Twitter allows you to identify thought leaders in your field and gain access to their content – what they are reading, seeing and whom they interact with.

7.    To Stay on Top of the Latest

Whether you are a solopreneur or a corporate mogul, you are more valuable when you are on top of the latest news in your industry – and the world. As Harvard Business School Professor Andrew McAfeeexplains, “Twitter gives me a great idea of what’s new, what’s important, what’s hilarious and what’s generally not to be missed.”

8.    To Access Recommendations

Why limit hearing about the latest great book, movie or food trend from your In-Real-Life friends or Facebook friends when you can access the world on Twitter.

9.    To Be a Thought Leader or Curator

If you have original thoughts about your industry or have an eye for information, don’t keep them all to yourself. Twitter is a great way to broaden your audience fast.

Samantha Ettus coaches working moms through her nationally syndicated weekly radio show, best selling books, regular keynotes and television appearances. Connect with her on Twitter here.

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Samantha Ettus is a bestselling author & corporate speaker. The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction will be released in September.