Unleash Your Inner Activist

  • Blurb: In the face of rising antisemitism and global challenges, author, speaker, and TV contributor Samantha Ettus inspires audiences to find their voice and become active agents for positive change
  • Explanation: This keynote explores practical strategies for navigating difficult conversations in this new world, engaging your community, and utilizing your unique skills and tools to make a difference, regardless of how much time or bandwidth you have. As Sam shares, “Because the struggles are everywhere, you can make a difference anywhere.”

Reframing Your Life as a Jew in the Post-October 7th World

  • Blurb: This talk urges individuals to move beyond bystanderism and embrace their role as active participants in shaping their world. It emphasizes the power of individual action and provides tools for effective engagement, regardless of prior experience.
  • Explanation: This message emphasizes the importance of collective action and individual responsibility in combating antisemitism and promoting positive change.

The 2024 New Voices Campaign

  • Blurb: Samantha Ettus shares the inspiring story behind the founding of 2024 New Voices, a movement to galvanize celebrities to speak out against antisemitism. From initial concept to execution, Sam shares her personal encounters with both supporters and skeptics, and how she pushed through to success and recruited celebrities from Cindy Crawford to Connie Britton to participate.
  • Explanation: This talk offers a behind-the-scenes look at building a successful movement in Hollywood, highlighting the challenges, triumphs, and valuable lessons learned along the way.

Media Confusion/Misinformation

  • Blurb: In an age of misinformation, Samantha Ettus tackles the critical role of responsible media consumption and fact-checking. She exposes the dangers of misrepresentation, using real-world examples like the misuse of humanitarian aid imagery, and emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and seeking accurate information.
  • Explanation: This session equips audiences with the skills to navigate information overload, identify bias, and be discerning consumers of media, particularly regarding complex topics like war, campus activism, and the Middle East.

The Four Wars

  • Blurb: Samantha Ettus delves into the multifaceted challenges facing Jewish communities, highlighting the four ongoing struggles: the fight for the release of the hostages, the war against Hamas, antisemitism in the diaspora, and the pervasive influence of propaganda.
  • Explanation: This talk provides a deeper understanding of the complex web of challenges faced by Jewish communities and emphasizes the importance of picking one lane in which you can make a difference.

Losing Friends, Making Friends Post 10/7

  • Blurb: In the aftermath of a major event, navigating personal relationships can be challenging. Samantha Ettus offers guidance on navigating loss while embracing the opportunity to cultivate new connections built on shared values and understanding.
  • Explanation: This session provides practical advice for navigating friendship dynamics in the face of challenging events, encouraging a positive outlook while acknowledging the need for change and growth.

DEI: Rethinking Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Blurb: This talk challenges the traditional framework of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and proposes a restructuring for a more inclusive approach that recognizes the unique experiences and perspectives of Asian and Jewish communities, often overlooked within current DEI initiatives.
  • Explanation: This thought-provoking session advocates for a broader and more nuanced understanding of diversity, a more comprehensive approach to DEI that embraces the experiences of all marginalized groups.

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