Samantha Ettus challenges you to re-examine your relationship to the most important aspect of your professional and personal life – time. She dismisses traditional frameworks, opening a new paradigm in which she encourages you to accept constraints, recognize opportunities and reconnect to a sense of well-being and a belief that you can have the life you want. From Senior executives that are deeply entrenched in decades of habits, to entrepreneurial leaders, who are unbounded by anything but their own insecurities, to aspiring recent graduates – they all share a common life-changing experience when they listen to Sam.

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The Pie Life: A Groundbreaking Approach to Work/Life Fulfillment

You deserve to lead your life to its full potential. In this life-changing presentation, Samantha Ettus brings her fresh approach to achieving work/life fulfillment to your company or conference. After years of working with thousands of professionals who aim to perform at the highest levels, Sam created a framework to help people manage their lives for ultimate success and satisfaction. Countless audiences have been inspired and driven to make changes big and small using Sam’s new framework for personal and professional fulfillment.

You’ll learn to:

* Unlock your full potential
* Create achievable goals in all areas of your life
* Drop the guilt that is holding you back
* Rework your relationship to time
* Apply tools and techniques from The Pie Life to your everyday

Treat Your Time Like you Treat Your Money

One of the most important relationships we have is with time – and it’s in short supply. Renowned speaker Samantha Ettus will share new ideas for using your time to find fulfillment, reach your potential and enjoy your purpose. Sam uses research, storytelling and real life examples to connect with your audience and change their life perspective and everyday habits and routines by transforming their perspective on time.

You’ll learn to:

* Reconceptualize how you think about time
* Reprioritize the slices of your life in new ways
* Drop the guilt that is holding you back
* Make decisions faster and with a clearer lens
* Increase the fun in your everyday life
* Make your life more efficient

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