“Samantha’s energy and expertise were inspiring and informative.”

James Momon, General Mills

Jennifer PRINCE

“Samantha is inspiring, relatable, and we couldn’t get enough of her!”

Jennifer Prince, Twitter

“Samantha had our employees rapt from start to finish. She addressed a diverse audience and everyone was equally riveted. When she was through, they literally asked for more.”

Rebecca Sanford, Nextech

Rebecca Sanford
K Flagg headshot_red

“Sam was a fabulous keynote to start our International Women’s Day celebration! She set the tone for the day with a warm, energetic vibe that was felt throughout the room.”

Kristen Barry, Accenture

“Sam’s approachable and pragmatic advice left our professional women (and men!) hungry for more; so much so we’ve deployed numerous The Pie Life book groups already!”

Shelley Gretlein, National Instruments


“I have never seen a speaker connect with her audience as deeply or as fast as Sam. She brought the team closer together.”

Laura Slabin, Google 

“Samantha is my favorite authority on how to thrive at work and at home.”

Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, Inc.

Mindy Grossman, Julie Crosby, Kathleen Turner

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“Not only did Samantha have great advice, but she also made sure everyone felt like they were part of the conversation.”

Tiffany Lauria, Target

“Sam captivated the room the moment she hit the stage. Her candor, relatability and humor inspired and motivated our employees to think in new ways.”

Iren Lyon, Zillow


“We have never seen such an inspiring, energetic and charismatic speaker. Samantha actively engaged hundreds of successful men and women with her relatable anecdotes and tips, making for an empowering and authentic ambiance.”

 Valerie Pettersen and Taiane Veloso, SAP

“The women hung on her every word. Relevant, fun and wicked smart.”

Sarah Prinsloo, Co-Chair YPO Women’s Conference 2016


“The perfect opening spark to our conference.”

Doug French, Dad2.0Summit

“Listening to Samantha speak, you feel like you’re swapping stories with a girlfriend – all that’s missing is the cocktails!”

Jaime Moreno, HomeAway


“I was impressed with Samantha’s ability to connect with our audience, share powerful insights and manage tech issues that would have derailed others, with composure and professionalism. She is a pleasure to work with!”

John Pusic, TEDx

“Samantha Ettus brought down the house. We were thrilled with her content and delivery.”

Jess Rivkin Black, Pennsylvania Conference for Women

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