16 Jun 7 Ways To Get Noticed At The Office

No matter what your role or where you are performing it, you can shine – anywhere. Regardless of where on the totem pole you start, true talent will rise to the top.  Here are 7 ways to emerge from the crowd:

1. Seize Your Opportunity

I will never forget the disappointment of asking my favorite intern if she had fun plans for the summer. Before then we had only exchanged cheerful thank yous and hellos. This was the first personal question I had asked her.

Her response was:  “No. But maybe something will turn up.” This was not what I had expected from the intern who had stood out for her positive attitude and it certainly didn’t make me want to ask more. When the boss engages you, bring your A game.

2. Be a Great Listener

If I asked you to think of a great talker, it would take just seconds to come up with a name, but if I asked you to name a great listener, it would probably take you longer. Career expert Tory Johnson explains that often the people who get her attention are those who “Pay attention to what others have to say and acknowledge that they hear them.” Avoid the temptation to flex about what you do know. Instead, listen for what you don’t.

3. Solve a Problem

At a staff meeting for John’s company, one of his Vice Presidents posed a problem and John threw it out to the whole team to brainstorm solutions. He had not expected Jessica, the new office assistant, to speak up and present what ultimately turned out to be the solution. She quickly ascended in the ranks and became known as a problem solver.

4. Exceed Expectations

Every assignment or deadline you are given is a new opportunity to show your mettle. Architect Silva Zeitlian, a Vice President at HKS Architects, says that the employees who stand out are the ones who “always show a positive attitude and that they are willing to put the extra time and effort in to support the project.” Danielle Snyder, Creative Director and Founder of jewelry company Dannijo says, “Make sure that you convey nothing is below you and maintain an entrepreneurial spirit.” Once you exceed expectations, more opportunities are bound to come your way.

5. Live with the Lovers in Mind

Even a people pleaser will have haters. The key is how you handle them. Nobody is liked by everyone and it would be fruitless to die trying. So accept that there will always be haters and when you make decisions, never take them into consideration.

6. Say it First

If you think something, say something. As Tory Johnson explains, “Too often we shy away from using our voice. We sit silently and allow others to weigh in first. Then we’re frustrated when someone else gets credit for saying what we were thinking, yet we have only ourselves to blame.”

Photo credit: Andres Rodriguez

Photo credit: Andres Rodriguez

7. Get Excited

Is there anything worse than a person who reacts to great news with barely a flicker of light? Don’t be one. While there is no need to be a puddle of emotions at the office, it is ok, and often helpful, to show that you have them. When your team reaches the sales goal or a colleague shares good news, be the first one to celebrate.

Samantha Ettus is a bestselling author, TV personality, radio host and speaker focused on work/lifestyle management. Connect with her at @samanthaettus.

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Samantha Ettus is a bestselling author & corporate speaker. The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction will be released in September.